P & L Research Inc. of Denver, Colorado, was founded in 1999 by the two Principals of the company, Philip Jolas and Lucy Bates. Both are MBAs with over 40 years of combined experience and are results oriented, having worked their way up to being heads of their respective corporations' research departments before leaving to start P & L Research Inc. With their client-side backgrounds, they believe in delivering practical, action-oriented results on budget. The principals have the proven expertise to provide clients with customized qualitative and quantitative design, implementation, analysis, and reporting.

P & L Research Inc. helps clients in both the business-to-business and business-to-consumer areas.

P & L Research Inc. offers exceptionally high quality and personalized attention through all phases of projects.

All project set-up, management, analysis, and reporting done by the principals - therefore more action-oriented and subtle insights are uncovered.

Provides cost-effective research through very efficient project designs and low overhead - clients who use P & L Research Inc. can complete more projects per year with the same budget, yielding more insights to advance their businesses.

Principals have extensive experience working with many disciplines (marketing, customer service, laptop, advertising, engineering, legal departments, public authorities, etc.).