"Philip always cuts to the heart of the problem with pragmatic approaches.”

Robert Birch
Mopar Business Strategy
Chrysler Corp

"I've used Lucy on many studies. She is always on top of our projects.  Through her survey design and data analysis, Lucy gets us what we need to know; the results are always practical and cost effective.  Philip is a natural moderator.  His style is so genuine that folks in our groups feel comfortable sharing their thoughts on any topic he suggests.”

Tricia Buhr
Vice President, Marketing
Time Warner Cable
Albany NY Division

"Philip really helped us on a difficult and complex project and he was always on top of it. His moderating style is so kind, he was able to draw out revealing findings from consumers on a very financially-sensitive topic."

Li-Ning Huang
Sr. Market Research Manager
Capital One Financial Corp.

"P & L Research helped us evaluate a new commercial product idea. They suggested a Lead User technique with Aftermarket Dealers and Safety and Security Consultants. P & L had our Marketing and Engineering people directly involved in the research and it gave us the input we needed regarding features/costs, feasible options, etc. They made it so easy for us to fine tune the product for maximum appeal."

Jim McElroy
General Manager
Schlage Lock Commercial Div.
Ingersoll-Rand Company

Qualitative Services

At P & L Research we recognize that people’s memories are not like video tapes, but are reconstructed as they are recalled.  People’s feelings toward brands are not easily articulated or understood by the respondents themselves.  Therefore we use qualitative tools to help respondents recall and relive experiences, delve into feelings, and try for a richer picture of what is going on within each person.


 Organize and moderate diverse focus groups

  • Consumer
  • Business-to-business
  • New product development/Ideation
  • Advertising development
  • Customer advisory councils

Some of the techniques below are more suitable for B2C but are not as suitable for B2B respondents.  We have experience in both environments.

For assessing product/service attributes techniques we use mind mapping, product sorts and ratings, hitting the mark, etc.  For optimizing customer experiences we use back from perfect; for imagery/feelings/perceptions techniques like collage, personification, cartoons and word bubbles, draw the user, sentence completion, story telling, etc., can be helpful. 


Quantitative Services


  • Telephone surveys
  • Internet surveys
  • Mail surveys
  • Mall intercepts
  • Multivariate techniques (conjoint, perceptual maps, etc.)


  • Attitudes and usage studies
  • New product development
  • Assessing market potential, product positioning, and pricing studies
  • Customer switching/retention behavior
  • Company and brand image studies
  • Segmentation studies
  • Customer satisfaction